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Dog Training - Westport MA

Dog training does not have to be frustrating or confusing. Dog training basically boils down to two words: INCREASE and DECREASE.

There are behaviors you want to INCREASE - walk on loose leash, come when called, stay, sit down, etc.

And there are behaviors you want to DECREASE - jumping, biting, stealing ham sandwiches off the kitchen counter, chewing, digging, barking, etc.

We offer classes in different ways to suit your needs. We offer private in-home lessons, beginner and advanced group classes and puppy classes to help any dog, any age, any breed, with any problem.

Your dog can learn to INCREASE behaviors you like and want (loose leash walking, come, stay) and DECREASE behaviors you don’t like (jumping, stealing, chewing, biting) at any classes or private training programs we offer. Please click on the images below to learn more about our Private Dog Training Lessons, Group Training Classes and Puppy Training Classes.

Private Dog Training Lessons with Eric Letendre in Southeastern MA
Group Dog Training Classes with Eric Letendre in Westport Dartmouth Acushnet
Puppy Training Classes with Eric Letendre in Westport and Acushnet