How To Get Your Dog To Listen To You Anywhere You Go - Around Any Distraction

Group Dog Training Classes - Westport MA
Do you want a dog that listens to your commands wherever you go?


Bristol Dog Training Class with Eric Letendre

  • Walking your dog on leash without pulling
  • Your dog coming when called… every time
  • Your dog listening to your command the first time
  • Your dog responding to your commands around any kind of distraction
  • Your dog listening to your commands without food or bribery
  • Never having to scream or get upset with your dog
  • No more excessive barking
  • Your dog stops chewing on your belongings
  • Your dog never jumps on anyone again

Our training classes show and instruct dog owners on how to turn the most unruly dog into a polite, well-mannered family member everyone loves to be around. Your dog will learn how to listen to you though a training program developed on trust and understanding.

Want to get started in one of Eric Letendre’s group training classes? Look at the schedule to see which class fits your schedule. Call 774-319-6351 to register.