The Perfect Puppy Program

Puppy Training - Westport MA
The biggest problem facing new puppy owners can be explained in one word: CONFUSION!

Getting a new puppy is exciting and fun until...

...the chewing ruins the coffee table
...the biting with their needle sharp puppy teeth becomes unbearable
...the poop and pee starts to stain the carpet
...the barking keeps everyone up all night.

At this point, new puppy owners start looking and asking around for advice. First stop, Google. Once there it seems like everyone has a different opinion on everything from crate training to feeding schedules. Then well-meaning friends, family, and co-workers start to give advice and it seems their advice conflicts. The confusion leads to frustration. You only want the best for your puppy but nothing seems to work.

This is why we offer the most complete and comprehensive puppy training available. Introducing...

The Perfect Puppy Program

Perfect Puppy Program

(For puppies 8 weeks - 16 weeks of age at start of enrollment.)

The Perfect Puppy Program includes one initial Private Lesson and SIX CORE MODULES in a group class setting critical to your puppy’s life-long success. The modules are offered in a rotating, ongoing basis which means that you can start with any module after your first initial Private Lesson. We know there is a critical window of opportunity with young puppies you don’t want to miss. With the Perfect Puppy Program, you don’t need to wait weeks for a new class to start. You can literally begin in days! The Perfect Puppy Program modules are one hour each and are offered on Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm and on Saturday mornings at 10:00 am. Your initial Private Lesson can be scheduled as early as possible on a day and time that is convenient for you.

Upon enrollment and completion of your initial Private Lesson, you'll have access to all six modules for six concurrent weeks, and can attend any module as often as you’d like during your enrollment period. Train as little or as much as you want - if you go to both weekly modules offered, you can attend as many as twelve group sessions with your puppy!

After completion, your puppy will be ready to advance to our Remarkable Results Phase II training and is also eligible to participate in pack walks and structured socialization sessions.

The Perfect Puppy Program’s Six Core Modules

  • MODULE 1: Structure/Management, Housetraining, & Handling
  • MODULE 2: Basic Obedience (Markers, Sit/Down/Stand, Place)
  • MODULE 3: Basic Manners (Stop jumping, biting, stealing, begging, etc.)
  • MODULE 4: Let’s Go For A Walk
  • MODULE 5: Come Back When Called
  • MODULE 6: Building Confidence & Socialization

This is by far, the most complete, comprehensive, and supportive puppy program available. To ensure plenty of individual attention, enrollment is limited so reserve your spot today. Call 774-319-6351 to register for the Perfect Puppy Program.

Here is just a sneak peek at what will be covered in each module:

MODULE 1: Structure/Management, Housetraining, & Handling

Perfect Puppy Handling
  • Leadership
  • Exercise (physical & mental)
  • Crate Training
  • Freedom
  • Feeding Schedules
  • Attention Exercises
  • Handling Exercises
  • Housetraining

MODULE 2: Basic Obedience (Markers, Sit/Down/Stand, Place)

Perfect Puppy Basic Obedience
  • Markers: Good/Yes
  • Attention Exercises
  • Sit/Down/Stand with food lure
  • Sit/Down/Stand with hand signals
  • Naming commands

MODULE 3: Basic Manners (Stop unwanted behaviors)

Perfect Puppy Basic Manners
  • “On Your Terms”
  • Behavior Quadrants
  • “Your choices matter”
  • Markers: No
  • Stop jumping, biting, stealing, begging, etc.
  • Calm at door, in car, exiting crate, etc.

MODULE 4: Let’s Go For A Walk

Perfect Puppy Leash Walking
  • Importance of walking
  • Loose leash vs heel
  • Leash handling skills
  • What not to do

MODULE 5: Come Back When Called

Perfect Puppy Recall
  • Unintentional Consequences
  • Setting your dog up for success
  • Recall Games (Spring Loaded Exercise, Hansel & Gretel, Paper Plate Recall)

MODULE 6: Building Confidence & Socialization

Perfect Puppy Socialization
  • Agility exercises for fun
  • Proper puppy play etiquette
  • Dog Daycares & Dog Parks
  • Confidence around new objects and people
To enroll in our Perfect Puppy Program, or for more information, please call 774-319-6351.