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Have you ever thought: “I just wish my dog would listen to me.”

If your dog has ever:

  • Pulled so hard on leash it felt like you were going to need shoulder surgery
  • Refused to come when called, even when you’ve offered cheese
  • Forced you to push everything on your counter as far back as possible to avoid your dog stealing
  • Made you closely guard your underwear and socks because he loves to grab them and run away
  • Pulled a nutty when the doorbell rings, resulting in an obnoxious, barking, impossible to control dog
  • Kept your friends away because he jumps so hard he knocks them over
  • Led you to believe that any food left on the counters is considered fair game and will be gone in seconds if you leave the room
  • Bolted out the door every chance he gets
  • Growled or showed signs of aggression...

...we know exactly what you are dealing with. We can fix any problem you may be experiencing with your dog. After having helped train thousands of dogs in the area since 1995, we know we can help you solve any dog behavior problem... FAST!

Charlie was expelled from puppy class at seven months old. He was on two different medications and was on his way to see a veterinary behaviorist in Boston to get a prescription for Prozac. Here is what happened to him:

Puppy Training East BridgewaterThanks to you, Eric, for helping Charlie become the happy go lucky dog he is today. It's hard to believe that back in May he was known as "crazy Charlie" at the vet's office and had already been expelled from puppy kindergarten at the tender age of 7 months. After 2 different medications to calm him and almost making the trip to Boston to see if he should be on puppy Prozac, I fortunately found you on the internet and you and your methods were able to work wonders. We can now take Charlie anywhere and he behaves. Everyone loves him because he's so friendly and happy all the time. You truly are the Amazing Dog Training Man. We're looking forward to the next class.

Marie Connolly - East Bridgewater, MA January 1, 2017

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