The Biggest Problem Facing New Puppy Owners

Puppy Training - Westport MA

The biggest problem facing new puppy owners can be explained in one word: CONFUSION!

Getting a new puppy is exciting and fun until...

  • ...the chewing ruins the coffee table
  • ...the biting with their needle sharp puppy teeth becomes unbearable
  • ...the poop and pee starts to stain the carpet
  • ...the barking keeps everyone up all night.

Lindsey Pinkerton, in Little Compton, RI needed dog training for her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sophie. Sophie did not listen to Lindsey or anyone else. Here is how she described the training:

Dog Training With Sophie Pinkerton in Little Compton, RI“Eric always has the answer. Whatever the problem is, he can solve it (sounds like a Vanilla Ice song from the ‘90s). And the answer usually isn't very complicated… sometimes it seems obvious after he says it, but it is invaluable to have him point out the things that we don't even realize we do when we interact with our dog. He gave us simple solutions that were easy to implement and for many things, it solved problem behaviors almost instantly.

Hands down the best money you'll ever spend on anything in your life. Eric is the best! He will help you get the dog you dreamed of when you brought home that puppy in the first place! It'll make everyone in your house happier, including the dog! Now that Sophie knows what we expect from her, she is much happier, our daily lives are much calmer and the relationship that my kids have with her is so much more rewarding.”

Lindsey Pinkerton - Little Compton, RI December 16, 2016

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At this point, new puppy owners start looking and asking around for advice. First stop, Google. Once there it seems like everyone has a different opinion on everything from crate training to feeding schedules.

Then well-meaning friends, family and co-workers start to give advice and it seems their advice conflicts. The confusion leads to frustration. You only want the best for your puppy but nothing seems to work.

This is why we offer the most complete and comprehensive puppy class available. In our puppy class you’ll learn:

  • How to housetrain your puppy as fast as possible
  • How to STOP puppy biting NOW
  • How to prevent jumping from ever becoming a problem
  • How to ensure your pup never develops aggressive behavior and is friendly around everyone
  • Why bitter apple (a spray developed and sold to stop puppies from chewing) does not work, and what you can do to end chewing fast
  • And the most important commands every puppy needs to learn

With just a little training, your pup can be well-behaved and friendly; a dog everyone loves to be around, a dog you can bring everywhere without being worried or stressed.

Here’s what to do next:

Look at the schedule of classes that are offered in Westport and Acushnet. Pick the one you’d like to attend and call 774-319-6351 to register.