The Most Important Vaccination For Your Dog

The Most Important Vaccination For Your Dog
The Most Important Vaccination For Your Dog

The first step every new puppy owner takes is making an appointment with a veterinarian.

Which is 100% absolutely correct. The puppy should be checked for any physical problems and receive expert instructions from their vet on care and health.

The vet will then administer vaccinations to protect the puppy from terrible and often deadly diseases.

So far so good.

The second step every new puppy owner should take is to make an appointment with a qualified and experienced trainer.

Unfortunately this is usually not the case.

What’s that you’re thinking? Of course this guy would say that all new puppy owners should contact a trainer after the vet visit.

Here’s the deal. A new puppy owner will spend a decent chunk of dough on toys, food, crates, leashes, collars, food bowls and vet care.

But they miss or skip the one big vaccination that will help prevent the deadliest of ALL problems facing your dog. It doesn’t come in the form of some terrible virus. It shows up in the form of behavior problems.

Behavior problems like jumping, peeing on the carpet, chewing the antique furniture and stealing the Thanksgiving turkey can end up as a one way ride to the shelter or worse.

So I provide a different type of vaccination.

It’s what I like to call a Mental Vaccination. You see, the vaccinations you get from your vet help prevent your dog from ever getting parvo, rabies, distemper and other awful, horrible diseases and they have done a bang up job.


…more dogs die in this country from behavior problems than for any other reason. The number of dogs that died from rabies, distemper and parvo pales in comparison to the number that die from behavior problems.

My Mental Vaccinations help the puppy from ever developing any behavior problems. Start a puppy off right and you can PREVENT so many common behavior problems.

And if your dog does suffer from any behavior ailments like uncontrolled barking, jumping, stealing, housetraining or anything else that has you upset or frustrated, I have the cure.

It’s called The Dog Training Inner Circle which is a community of dog lovers that get together to train their dogs to be well-behaved, happy members of the family.

There’s more information and help at this website then you can shake a stick at.

Loads of videos, articles, training courses and a forum to ask any questions you like.

If your dog is ready for a Mental Vaccination here’s where to go NEXT:

Dog Training Inner Circle




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