41 Ways To Exercise Your Dog


That’s the year I started working professionally with dogs in Hartford CT.

Was one of the best decisions I ever made because I have been working with and training dogs ever since.

During that time I have met and worked with thousands of dogs and their owners.

The great thing about being a dog trainer is that you get to meet so many great people and their dogs.

So many stand out, and when I think back over the years there is one dog that still brings a smile to my face when I think about him.

Decker, the yellow lab.

Decker had all the great qualities that labs have.

One of my favorite Decker stories involves a Thanksgiving dinner and a very expensive tree.

You see, Decker was put outside during dinner because he was just being Decker.

He was not content hanging outside all by himself.

So what did this brilliant lab do?

He looked around the back deck and saw something that must have sparked his active canine brain. What he saw had value to the humans on the other side of the glass door.

He walked up to a very old, very valued bonsai tree. He wrapped his mouth around the base of it and began….running back and forth in front of the sliding glass door where the entire family had just sat down to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

The feast was immediately put on hold as the entire family jumped up and took off in hot pursuit after Decker.

Decker had successfully trained everyone to play on his terms.

Decker loved training his family and was very good at it. It wasn’t just his family, Decker was even good at training me. Decker had that wonderful lab face with huge black eyes that kind of melt any upset feelings you may have had against him.

One time, when I wasn’t paying attention he bit though his leash and took off. 45 minutes later when I caught him he used that big, happy lab face on me.

Decker kept me on my toes.

Which leads me to:

A little dog trainers “inside baseball” with you.

One of the main reasons dogs have behavior problems is that they are either pent up physically, mentally or both.

A dog that has too much mental or physical energy will get into trouble AND MOST IMPORTANTLY:

It is not their fault.

Decker had tons of energy and you were in big trouble if you did not give him enough exercise….mental and physical exercise.

Which is why I am including my new report “41 Ways To Exercise Your Dog” at my next class that I am teaching this Saturday at 1:00PM at Diamond in the Ruff in Acushent.

This report includes all the different ways I use to make sure a dog is getting enough exercise.

Because….the only good dog is a tired dog! Sleeping dogs never get into trouble.

We only have 3 spots left. If you want in I need to hear from you fast.

Call me at 774-319-6351 if you want in.

All the best,


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