80 Year Old Grandmother Is A “Barbaric” Dog Owner

I came across an article from the UK.

The title of the article is: “St. Albans dog owner’s warning over “barbaric” electric collar training.” You can look it up if you’d like.

Anyway, in the article a local dog trainer came across a women with a basset puppy that was using a shock collar. The women with the collar was repeatedly applying corrections to the basset from the collar.

The trainer said that she took the handheld device away from the women and threw it in the river.

The story then goes on about how electronic collars are the same as caning children.

I have read many articles on electronic collars and they create more controversy than Donald Trump showing up at a P.O.W. Rally.

Luckily you come here for calm, reasoned, level headed advice.

I have seen electronic collars abused. I have seen prong and choke collars abused.

I have also seen dogs abused that had no collar or leash on. As a former animal control officer you see the dark side of dog ownership and no collars or leashes are needed to see abuse.

I have also seen electronic collars save a dog’s life. I recently worked with an 80 year old grandmother of five that has a dog that loves to bolt out the door and take off. She can’t put up a fence because of where she lives.

An electronic fence was recommended and used. The dog now stays safely inside the yard. Does this make the grandmother barbaric?

I once helped a woman with a 100 lbs. Rottweiler train her dog to walk with her on a prong collar. She had one arm and the prong collar was the only way she could walk him.

My point is that in the wrong hands a dog is in danger. It is NOT the training device that is necessarily evil. In many cases, the training device can help keep a dog safe and in the home.

Like most things in life the real subject gets confused by emotions and logic goes out the door.

Logically, used correctly, negative consequences will stop unwanted behavior and not harm the dog.

To lump everyone together and call them “Barbaric” will only result with dogs getting the short end of the stick – often getting them killed.

This is why I teach every dog I train the word “YES” and “NO.” The dog learns which behaviors are acceptable (YES) and which are unacceptable (NO).

Training only one of those words will result in a confused dog.

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