Adult Dog Training

Imagine Your Dog Listening To You

Private Dog Training Lessons

No more…

  • Jumping on you and everyone who visits
  • Pulling on leash
  • Stealing food off the counters
  • Biting you and your kids – Stop mouthy behavior
  • Running away and ignoring your command to come
  • Growling or aggression
  • Bolting out the front door every time it opens
  • Getting out of control when someone rings the doorbell

We know exactly what you are dealing with. Dog training can be very confusing. It seems like everyone has conflicting advice when it comes to training your dog. As the most experienced dog trainer in the area, we’ve developed a simple, easy to follow, proven dog training system that will help you teach any command and stop any behavior problem. After having helped thousands of dog owners since 1995, we know you will enjoy our effective, friendly, and fun dog training programs.

After nearly 30 years of hands-on experience, we have developed and fine-tuned a system that combines both private sessions and group classes that is easy to follow and produces (often times) dramatic results.

Charlie was expelled from puppy class at seven months old. He was on two different medications and was on his way to see a veterinary behaviorist in Boston to get a prescription for Prozac. Here is what happened to him:

Puppy Training East BridgewaterThanks to you, Eric, for helping Charlie become the happy go lucky dog he is today. It’s hard to believe that back in May he was known as “crazy Charlie” at the vet’s office and had already been expelled from puppy kindergarten at the tender age of 7 months. After 2 different medications to calm him and almost making the trip to Boston to see if he should be on puppy Prozac, I fortunately found you on the internet and you and your methods were able to work wonders. We can now take Charlie anywhere and he behaves. Everyone loves him because he’s so friendly and happy all the time. You truly are the Amazing Dog Training Man. We’re looking forward to the next class.

Here’s what to do next:

We want to help you. To start, it’s as simple as scheduling a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consultation. This is the first step. It gives you a chance to meet us, see our training school, and get your questions answered!  You can schedule a dog training consultation by calling 774-319-6351 or clicking the Let’s Get Started button at the top of the page.

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  2. Hi Eric please HELP, my dog Oreo is out of control. She is a sweet 5 month old Australian Cattle/lab mix but I can not control her on leash. I’ve tried no pull leashes, slip leashes, gentle leads, and nothing seems to be working. Today was my lash straw, I’ve tried taking her for a walk at the Quequechan Trail and I probably set her up for failure with all the distractions but I wanted to do something nice to exercise her but that failed 15 minutes in. I had to return back home. She is a good dog at home, she is well party trained, and behaves on commands most of the time. She gets super excited when she sees other people and dogs and I can’t get her out of that excited state and she pulls hard to the point where she chokes herself. I know she is a super energetic dog and I know her primary job is herding. Can I get her out of that state for simple walks? I would love to go on walks with her and her to behave nicely.

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