Amazing Con Man And FREE Book!

Life is very interesting and funny at times.

Got a call yesterday from a member of The Dog Training Inner Circle.

She called to say that she had accidentally canceled her membership and that was the last thing she wanted to do.

We spoke for a few minutes and she told me how much she loved my emails and the information I provided on YouTube and elsewhere.

Now, before you think this is a puff piece with me tooting my own horn keep reading.

Because later in the day I logged onto I went to the page with my books and saw a review calling me a con man. This person was ruthless calling me a con man, saying that my information was directed at 2 year olds!

Here is a direct quote from her review: “If your dog doesn’t come when called what should you do? According to Eric you should LAY DOWN ON THE GROUND!”

Funny thing about this is that in an emergency situation, if your dog does not come back to you, if your dog is about to be hit by a car, as a last resort you can lay on the ground and there is a chance that your dog may come back to you.

When you lay on the ground you become very interesting to your dog. This is NOT how you teach your dog but this can work in emergency situations.

This is not just advice that I give. Dr. Ian Dunbar and many other dog trainers will recommend the same.

Anyway, everyone is entitled to their opinions. But there is some good in this for you!

Because I am giving the book to you for free. It’s yours free and clear.

I would like to ask one small favor. Would you mind giving a review on Amazon?

You get the book either way but if you would be kind enough to write a quick review I would greatly appreciate it and promise to keep sending you fun and educational emails.

But you have to act fast. The book will only be free for the next three days. Go here to get your free copy:


Thank You!


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