Angry Bible Emails


I made one small reference from the Bible and the emails came pouring in.

Some interesting, some funny and some very angry ones.

How does one simple quote generate so much fervor? In case you missed it yesterday (which is why you have to tune in every day) I quoted Proverbs 20:18 “Get good advice and you will succeed. I also mentioned that dogs are in the Bible 44 times.

That was it. Here is some of the response:

“Eric… the references to dogs in the Bible are generally references to GENTILES (not canines).” KL

“Take your bible and your horse$#!t snake oil and stick it in your a#&. Remove me from all lists and get blanked.” OD

“How do you even know I am a Christian? Don’t push your Christianity on me.” AY

And lastly my friend Tom S. wrote:



So I felt it was time to clear the air a little. I have NO agenda here other than to provide you with the best, most up to date, scientific training methods.

If you have an interest in dogs and dog training you are welcome here.

You can even (GASP) disagree with me. In fact, I like when people disagree with me on dog training. It provides me an opportunity to show that person the error of their ways and to make another ADTM convert.


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2 thoughts on “Angry Bible Emails

  1. Eric I wanted to say something to all those people that put you down yesterday, but I got good advice from a very smart person once who said “Don’t let people get you mad, then you are letting them be in control.” Thanks for that advice you gave me many years ago.

  2. I have told so many people about how great an instructor you are when they compliment Ava. * our 4 year old German Shepherd Therapy dog.

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