Anyone That Needs More Than A Spotlight And A Microphone Is A Punk

frankPeople ask me all the time:

“How do you write an email everyday?”

It’s really quite simple. I sit down and…..write.

I know that’s the simple answer and I do follow a few rituals to get it done. Rituals like:

  1. I get up every morning and start writing by 6:00AM.
  2. I constantly write and use ideas for email.
  3. I write everyday.
  4. I always listen to music while I write.

And I bet you would never guess who I listen to while I write. What would you guess:

Led Zeppelin? Bruce Springsteen? Aerosmith, Van Halen or Eminem? Jimmy Buffett? Katy Perry?

I do listen to all of the above but the one artist I listen to the most is….

…..Frank Sinatra.

HA! Funny huh? My father doesn’t even listen to Frank Sinatra. He is an Elvis guy.

So why would I listen to Frank Sinatra while writing?

There are a lot of reasons but always like what he said about performing. He said: “Anyone that needs more than a spotlight and a microphone is a punk.”

He was basically taking a swipe at all the newfangled rock bands that became popular in his later years.

I like this because that is how I feel about dog training. I did some training with a new client the other day and was shocked by what I saw. The poor dog had three collars on.

One collar was to keep the dog in the yard. One was for barking and the third was a prong collar.

Three collars!

This is crazy. These collars can be effective but there is much more to training than expecting a collar to do all the work.

You can teach your dog to do more than you think when you understand and know how to apply the principles of behavior.

And I’d be happy to help. The best place to get started is The Dog Training Inner Circle which is right HERE:

Dog Training Inner Circle



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