Better Call Saul

Remember Saul Goodman?

The sleazy layer from the show, “Breaking Bad.”

Great show, great character. I hear they are making a spin off using this character.

We’ll see.

Anyway, there is one great scene with Saul and the main character, Walter White. It went like this:

Walter White: How did everything get so screwed up?
Saul Goodman: Yeah, you do seem to have a little “s#!+ creek” action going.
Saul Goodman: You know, FYI, you can buy a paddle.

Probably his best quote and often reminds me of when I am talking to some dog owners.

I get calls from people and they spend 20 minutes telling me all their problems with their dog. Usually it is a dog under a year old.

The owner had visions of a great family dog and they now have a holy terror on their hands and have no idea what to do.

Or, everything they do seems to get worse. They can’t understand how their little bundle of joy that the entire family went crazy over is now the center of a negative vortex living under their roof, destroying furniture, pooping on the carpets and stealing every morsel of food it can off the dinner table.

Dog owner: “How did everything get so screwed up?”

Happens all the time. One of the biggest problems is that dog training can be so confusing. It seems like everyone has a different opinion.

Dog training really consists of following a few steps:

1. Establish leadership.
2. Learn how to manage behavior.
3. Use and apply the M.U.T.T. Method.
4. Exercise.
5. Use positive reinforcement to teach.
6. Learn how to use and apply positive and negative consequences for changing behavior.

Follow these steps and it will be, “S’all good man!” (Get it?)

For the “how to’s” of learning all of the steps, check out any of our dog training classes – where I show you how to train your dog fast… and in a way that’s FUN. It’s the best way for you to learn and get results.

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