Chicks Dig Me

“Chicks dig me.”

Are you familiar with that quote? It comes from one of the greatest movies of the 1980’s. The whole quote is:

“Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it’s usually something unusual.”

The movie was Stripes and the actor Bill Murray plays John Winger, a guy that loses his job, his apartment and girlfriend in a matter of a few hours.

His life is falling apart like a soggy pizza but he doesn’t care. He never lets the stress of the situation get to him. He just keeps plodding along.

A little while back I was working with a person that was petrified of making a mistake during training. This person was very stressed about the dog, about what food to feed, vaccinations, the training and anything else connected to the dog.

I told this person to stop training and to go rent Stripes and study Bill Murray’s character.

Having a dog is supposed to be enjoyable. Training a dog should be fun and you will get much better results if you are relaxed and avoid getting stressed.

If you find yourself getting upset or stressed training your dog, go watch Stripes. Once you’re done head on over to the Dog Training Inner Circle and sign up for just $1.00.

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