Confessions Of A Private Investigator

Years ago I worked as in the Nationwide Private Investigator Service.

A guy I worked with told me an interesting story of a PI he worked with in New York City.

His friend was called in to help a group of store owners get rid of some drug dealers that had taken up residence on their block.

This was a tricky case. They could take pictures of drug action but the dealers knew they were being watched and were very careful.

The PI’s couldn’t use force because that’s illegal, not to mention dangerous.

This brilliant investigator came up with an ingenious idea to get rid of the drug dealers.

His solution?

Bird seed.

Anyone that has been to New York City knows there are millions of pigeons.

Our hero walked up and down the street every morning spreading bags of bird seed on the sidewalk. Pigeons, given an unlimited amount of food, will eat as much as they can. All that food will travel through the pigeon’s digestive system and be returned to the earth in the form of… pigeon poop.

The drug dealers were literally working under a rain storm of pigeon poop. It took about two weeks for them to decide a move was needed.

Once the dealers were gone the bird seed stopped along with the unending rainfall of pigeon turds.

Problem solved. No violence, no struggle, just a few hoses to clean up with after the drug dealers found a more suitable location to peddle their wares.

The investigator was brilliant because it was not his job to arrest them. His job was to get them to STOP selling drugs on this block, which he did without ever saying a word, without ever making a threat or spending thousands of dollars of man hours doing surveillance.

My job as a dog trainer requires me to help you train your dog. Your dog has to learn how to do behaviors (sit, down, stay, come, etc.) and how to STOP doing behaviors (jumping, chewing, biting, barking, etc.).

To STOP a behavior requires using a negative consequence. Contrary to popular belief, that is how you get your dog to stop jumping, chewing, begging and so on.

But a negative consequence does NOT require harming or inflicting pain on the dog.

Much like the private investigator above, using a negative consequence does not have to hurt but you do have to get your point across.

Which is why I am having the first ever, “Take Control Of Your Dog’s Behavior,” seminar.

If you want in I need to hear from you. I am giving the seminar in two different locations. One is in Acushnet for all of my Southcoast friends and clients.

The other is in Middletown, RI for all my Aquidneck Island and Rhode Island friends and clients.

LOCATION: Acushnet, MA
DATE: Friday, March 25
TIME: 6:00 PM

LOCATION: Middletown, RI
DATE: Saturday, March 26
TIME: 11:00AM

The cost of the seminar is only $49 (half off my regular price) and you can email or call me at 774-319-6351 if you want to attend.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Eric Letendre

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