Could My Dog Training Career Be Over

Pet Translator

Busy schedule the past few weeks. Last week I was in New Hampshire for a two day seminar with Blake Rodriguez. On Saturday I was in Spencer, MA to watch and learn from Ivan Balabanov. Ivan is a two time IPO World Champion. Couldn’t miss a chance to see him being so close to me.

And you thought I spent my weekends sipping on frosty mugs of beer and watching Red Sox games. As the great Jim Rohn said: “School is never out for the pro.” So I still read, attend seminars, and continue to expand what I know about dog training and behavior.

BUT …it may have been for nothing. Your friend and hero, The Amazing Dog Training Man, could be looking for a new career. I know you are shocked, sad, angry, and confused to hear this. Dog training and Eric Letendre go hand and hand like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, Laverne and Shirley.

It is true. All because Amazon wants to take over the world. You see, Amazon is working on a pet translator and states they are less than 10 years away from having them available for the public.

According to a article:

Pet translators that can turn woofs into words and make sense of miaows, might really be on the horizon, according to a report backed by the internet retailer. Futurologist William Higham of Next Big Thing, who co-authored the report for Amazon, says he believes devices that can talk dog could be less than 10 years away.

Actually it is kind of funny to me. Most people would stop using them after a few days. All I picture is a dog owner turning on their new translator and saying:

“Come here Sparky. Mommy has dinner for you.”

The dog replies: “Really? More of this garbage? Why don’t you grab those rib eye steaks and grill me up a couple of those bad boys.”

We may not like the two way communication pet translators will provide. Until then, know this: Dog training is communication. You must communicate to your dog what you want him to do and what you want him to STOP doing.

We want our dogs to walk on leash, to come when called, to sit at the front door, and so on. We also want our dogs to stop jumping, stealing food off the counters, barking, digging etc.

You must communicate to the dog in a way he understands. To accomplish this I show dog owners four different methods:

  • Words
  • Lures
  • Leash Pressure
  • Remote Learning

I start every dog off with learning YES and NO. Once the dog is familiar with these words I start showing the dog what to do with lures and prompts. Then I introduce a little gentle leash pressure to clear up the confusion. Once the dog is good I make sure he can do the commands under distractions and at a distance.

Impossible? Not at all. Let me show you how. The first place to start is to sign up for a free consult.