Dog Trainer Reveals One Word Dog Training Secret

I was teaching a class last week in Dartmouth MA and I shared with them the one word that would greatly improve their dog training skillz.

See, I can walk into a group of dog owners with unruly dogs, take any one of them and within a few minutes, start getting results.

This amazes the dog owners. “Look, he just took the worst dog in the class and now has him walking on leash and listening to him,” I often hear.

Really, any good dog trainer can do the same because they know this one word.

The word is…


You see, the one thing that I (and any good dog trainer) can do is anticipate what your dog is going to do next.

It’s really not hard because dogs give signals about what they are planning on doing.

Take walking on leash. Most people react to the pulling. Dog pulls and then the owner reacts to the pulling.

I anticipate that the dog is going to pull and act before he does. When you learn how to do this, the dog will quickly figure out that you know what you’re doing and start responding to you much better.

Its pretty cool when you learn how to do this and I can show you how. We spend a lot of time working on leash walking, come when called, stay and more in our dog training classes.

If you’re looking for more info on our classes you can go here NEXT:

Dartmouth Dog Training Classes



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