Do Your Job…Well


Is everyone as excited as I am about tonight’s football game?

I hate seeing summer end but I definitely love that football season starts.

Yesterday after a long, grueling day of dog training I stopped over my sister’s house. She made dinner for me and the fam. After the chow I parked my butt on the couch with my bro in law and watched the “Do Your Job” special on the NFL network.

It was great and it was loaded with some great lessons.

Roughly translated, “Do Your Job” means being prepared, working hard, paying attention to details and putting the team first.

You probably think of The Amazing Dog Training Man when you read that.

Everyday I prepare a hard hitting, info packed, highly educational AND entertaining email for you to read and apply with your dog.

I work hard every week to provide you with articles, videos, blog posts, commentary and opinion.

You always get the details of how to train your dog. I always explain that you need to teach your dog “Yes” AND “No” for maximum results.

And I always put my subscribers first when it comes to helping them train their dogs.

So let me wrap this up with some places that you can get loads and loads of FREE dog training info:

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