Does Your Dog Do The Opposite Of What You Ask?

So my little daughter Scarlett is very interesting to watch.

As she approaches her second birthday, she has decided to do the opposite of everything that I ask her not to.

“Please don’t take those batteries.” She grabs them and makes a dash for the other room.

“Please don’t climb on the table during dinner.” She gets on the table and starts dancing.

“Please put down that cup of coffee.” She turns the cup upside down and heads for the door.

I don’t get upset and actually think its very interesting to observe. Funny thing is how she laughs as she is doing the opposite of whatever I ask. I am wondering if “opposition reflex” is normal in all kids.

Because it is with dogs. Ever notice that if you try and make your dog do something they do the opposite? Push down on your dog’s shoulder or butt and you’ll see your dog resist and push back.

The one place you’ll definitely see opposition reflex is when you put a leash on your dog. As you pull back on the leash your dog will lean in and resist and pull away from you.

Opposition reflex.

So here is an important leash walking tip for you. Opposition reflex is normal but if your dog is allowed to pull he will get better at it.

Every time your dog successfully pulls you down the street he is getting better and better at pulling and eventually will be able to drag a sled full of bricks down the street making it almost impossible for you to walk him (or her.)

If this is your dog, you need to IMMEDIATELY put an end to the pulling. A quick way to do this is to manage the behavior. You can manage the behavior by using a gentle leader or no pull harness.

This will NOT teach your dog to walk on leash but it will prevent the pulling from becoming a strong habit.

As you are using the gentle leader or harness, you can teach your dog to walk with you on leash.

For some people the gentle leader is fine and they use it for the life of the dog which is cool.

BUT – if you’d like your dog to walk at your side without pulling, without dragging you down the street and busting you up every time you try to go ten feet, check out The Leash Walking Secrets Course.

You’ll see how it’s done. Here’s where to go NOW:

Leash Walking Secrets



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