Does Your Dog Freak Out Around Dogs? Get Control Now!

I knew a guy who was very hot tempered.

The slightest offense would set this guy off. I’m talking out of control, crazy, yelling and freaking out.

The funny part is his anger was over nothing. He would lose it over the most trivial things.

My point is, there was no reason for his anger. He worked himself up for no reason and lashed out at the world expending a lot of energy and emotion for no reason.

So why am I sharing the story of this bonehead?

I work with a lot of dogs every week. Some weeks I do as many as 35 appointments and group classes. That’s a lotta dogs.

And I would say 3 out of every 10 dogs act like the guy I described above. The dog owner wants to take a nice, peaceful evening stroll through the neighborhood with their pup but they can’t.

They can’t because they know if they come across another dog it’s game on. The dog goes from Lassie to Cujo in a split second. A walk turns into a struggle as they try to hold their dog back. The dog barking, lunging, snarling is out of control. Kind of like how your father would get when you put an empty milk container back in the fridge.

The dog owner then jumps online and tries to find some help from Lord Google. Google coughs up a bunch of websites which are supposed to help. And what do you get for results?

Counter-condition, desentize, run away, give your dog space, click to calm, look away, BAT, CAT, LAT and all sorts of gyrations for you to follow.

I’m going out on a limb here, I’m going for broke. I am going to be very blunt and tell you all the advice on page one of Google won’t help.

How can I say this? Because they are all afraid to give the correct prescription. If you want to cure your dog’s reactive problem you need to apply a negative consequence and STOP the behavior in its tracks. Once this is accomplished you bring out the treats and have a party with your dog.

What? You think I am wrong? You disagree with me?

I understand. I do. You think I am just another internet dog trainer trying to sell something. Here’s the deal Sparky. I live in the world of practical dog training. I also believe you should be able to back up what you say with proof.. Solid, viewable, see for yourself proof!

So on my Facebook page I have posted three different videos with three different dogs showing the before and after results of reactive dogs. Feel free to leave your comments. Here’s where to go next:

Amazing Dog Training Man Facebook Page



One thought on “Does Your Dog Freak Out Around Dogs? Get Control Now!

  1. I do not subscribe to facebook though I did sign up for one of your programs a while ago. I saw nothing here to show me what to do for this problem. Also, My dog was doing really well with “come” and “stay” and then he would lose interest and ignore me. What did I do wrong?

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