Does Your Dog Steal Your Underwear?

I live between two cities with HUGE Portuguese communities.

I live smack dab in the middle of Fall River and New Bedford Massachusetts.

Just last week I started working with a very nice elderly Portuguese lady.

And the Portuguese language is great. I don’t know that many words but one word I do know is “cueca.” I love the way this word sounds and always makes me chuckle when someone says it.

When you hear the word pronounced it sounds like “quack-isch.”

The main complaint this nice lady had was that her dog kept stealing her “quackisch.” Luckily I grew up in the area and even though I don’t speak Portuguese I do know what cueca or quackisch mean.

When I got there she kept saying: “He keep stealing my quackisch, I no want him steal my quackisch anymore, can you help me stop him from stealing my quackisch. I love dog but can’t have him running around with quackisch all the time.”

I held up my hand and said: “His quackisch stealing days are over.”

Relief flooded her face.

Translated, quackisch means underwear. Her 40lbs. recently adopted mix breed loves to steal her underwear and run around the house.

In addition to being a quackisch thief, he also stole anything on the counters, jumped on guests, and barked more than she liked.

She was not really interested in teaching him to do anything. She was much more interested in getting him to stop doing behaviors.

She could care less about him learning how to do a down or stay command. It was all about eliminating or reducing certain behaviors.

She made the right decision to contact me because I can show her how to teach her dog “NO” which will stop behaviors in their tracks when they crop up.

Contrary to what you may have read or heard, you can’t stop quackisch stealing by throwing treats at the dog. You have to use a negative consequence which will stop the behavior.

Also contrary to what you’ve read or heard, this does not have to be done with prong, choke or electronic collars.

So if your dog jumps, barks, chews or steals your quackisch and nothing seems to work, check out the Good K9 Manners course which you can get for half off for just one more day.

Get all the details HERE:

Stop Stealing Quackisch Sale



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