Dog Training Can Prevent Embarrassing Situations

Bristol RI Dog Training Seminar

I have to share this with you. Wednesday night I was getting ready to do a seminar when my wife, Rachael, asked me to stop cracking my knuckles. I didn’t even realize I was doing it. You see, Wednesday night at 6:00 PM I held a workshop at the Bristol Animal Shelter. And before any talk, I always feel a lot of nervous energy.

I know what you’re thinking. “The Amazing Dog Training Man getting nervous doing a talk on dog training?” Impossible. Preposterous. But true.

I have spoken in front of thousands of people. I can’t even count how many people I have spoken in front of so I know from experience that any public speaker can bomb. And I have bombed. Which is why the first five minutes are the roughest. Once you get going you know if it will work or not.

There is only one way to avoid making yourself look like a giant ass when speaking in public. Preparation. You must prepare, and the more you do the less chance of looking like a fool.

You know what else has made me look like a fool? Dogs. Dogs constantly embarrass people by pulling them over, jumping on guests, stealing the Easter dinner off the table, and more. With just a little training, you can prepare your dog to walk on leash without pulling, to never jump again, and to stop stealing food off the counters forever.

If you’re ready to prepare your dog for any situation you are in luck but you need to act fast. I am starting a class tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM at Diamond in the Ruff in Acushnet, MA, conveniently located at 111 Middle Road in Acushnet. You and your dog can attend. Give my friend Kelli a call and get your spot in class. Call 508-763-5251.

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