Dog Training Fairhaven MA

Dog Training In Fairhaven Ma
Dog Training In Fairhaven Mass

I do a lot of dog training in Fairhaven MA.

There is a very good reason for all the dog training I do in Fairhaven Massachusetts.

Capeway Veterinary Hospital sends me a lot of clients for which I am extremely grateful.

I’m grateful because it helps my business but also because I love doing dog training in Fairhaven Mass.

One client I helped recently was a big German Shepherd with a leash walking problem. This was one strong dog. When he pulled on leash you had to hang on or you were going for a ride.

We started working with the German Shepherd at Fort Phoniex which is a great place to train a dog.

Leash walking is a tricky command to teach. There are two parts to it. The first part is teaching the dog where you want them to be – at your side. The second part is stopping the dog from pulling.

There are many different training tools to choose from with leash walking. Choke collars, prong collars, electronic collars, head halters and harnesses are your choices.

Which one is best is a huge debate among dog trainers. The best place to start with your dog is by rewarding your dog for what you want them to do. In this case we want the dog to walk at our side with no tension in the leash.

Its important to understand the principle of opposition reflex. If you pull back on the leash you’ll notice the dog often pulls harder. This is opposition reflex. You apply pressure and your dog applies counter-pressure.

Step one is avoiding this reflex. You start by rewarding your dog for walking at your side. Once your dog understands where they are supposed to walk you can take the next step.

The next step requires your dog learning that pulling is unacceptable.

Most dogs can learn to walk on leash without pulling in a few sessions.

Does your dog pull so hard it feels like your shoulder is going to be ripped off?

Has your dog ever pulled you over or injured you?

You can STOP your dog from pulling and I can show you how. Get a FREE behavior consult today. Submit the form and I’ll contact you fast. Go here NEXT:

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  1. I have a chocolate lab, she is 1 years old and doesn’t listen on her leash. I was wondering what you charged for lessons

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