Dog Training In Acushnet MA

Dog Training Acushnet Mass
Dog Training in Acushnet Massachusetts

Lately I have been doing a lot of dog training in Achusnet, MA.

And there is a good reason for why I have been doing so much dog training in Acushnet Mass.

About a year ago the owner of Diamond in the RUFF, Kelli Tomlinson, contacted me.

She said she had scoured the entire Southcoast, checked with all of her contacts in the pet industry, and conducted rigorous research both on and offline looking for a dog trainer to teach classes at her facility.

And after all her searching the name she came up with was… mine.

Maybe it didn’t happen exactly the way I wrote. She had actually contacted a few different trainers and I was the first to get back to her.

Anyway, it’s all good because it has worked out great for both of us.

I now hold four classes a month there including higher levels of training.

And next month we are doing the first Leash Walking Secrets class.

This class is unlike no other because it will focus solely on getting complete control over your dog on and off leash.

Loose leash walking is one of the most important commands you can teach your dog. If your dog is unruly on leash we tend to skip walks. I have been in the middle of many unpleasant conversations between husbands and wives. It often goes like this:

WIFE “Did you take the dog for a walk?”
HUSBAND: “I’ve been at work all day, you take the dog for a walk.”
WIFE: “That dog nearly ripped my shoulder off last time, you take him.”
HUSBAND: “It gets dark when I get home so you better start walking him.”

And on and on it goes.

The problem is the dog ends up never going for a walk and this is bad.

Bad for the dog and the owners because dogs need to get out and get some exercise. They also need a little change of scenery. Some more than others.

Anyway, imagine a few weeks from now and your dog walks with you on AND off leash. I know it may seem like a tall order because training your dog to walk on leash can be difficult.

But, that is why I am offering this course and this is what you’ll learn at the class:

  • Exactly how to hold the leash for maximum control. (Most leash walking mistakes start with how the leash is held. Holding the leash this way will always have you in control.)
  • How to find the right collar for your dog. (The number of dog training collars is endless and confusing. Learn which one you should use on your dog.)
  • Why it’s a big mistake to use choke collars for leash walking or any other training. (Besides being difficult to use correctly, there’s another hidden reason it can destroy your dog’s behavior.)
  • Is there a correct side for your dog to walk on? (Most trainers will tell you the left side. Some say the right side. Here’s my answer.)
  • Exactly the right length your leash needs to be regardless of size or breed. (If your leash is off by just 12 inches you will not get the best results.)
  • The #1 easiest way to STOP pulling on leash. (Do this before every leash walking session and your dog will be much easier to walk.)
  • The secret reason why ALL dogs pull, no matter what age or breed. (And how to make sure you avoid it.)
  • How to use one, little-known technique that will get your dog to stick to you like glue. (Once you learn to do this, your dog will walk at your side even with heavy distractions.)
  • One word you need to know and use that will change the way your dog walks on leash forever! (I know this sounds a little weird and optimistic but if you follow my instructions, it works like crazy.)
  • Which is better? Using treats to train or leash corrections? (Obviously, positive reinforcement is the best way to go but is there ever any place for negative consequences in training? Here’s what I recommend…)
  • What to do with even the most out of control, hyper dog to gain control. (This step is often missed and leads to disaster like our friend in the above story.)
  • How to get your dog’s attention even if you think he suffers from canine ADHD. (Attention is the foundation for all training but is especially important for leash walking. Learn what methods work best.)
  • A simple technique that can help you from a white knuckle death grip on the leash to taking your hands completely off the leash. (Imagine in just a week or two you’ll be able to walk your dog with your hands off the leash.)
  • How to train even the most hyper, unfocused dog to ignore distractions while walking on leash. (It’s a fact that most people hate walking their dogs because they are dragged in so many different directions. Here’s a “fool proof” way to STOP this from happening.)
  • Step-by-step, the single most important training technique that will teach your dog to stick to your side like velcro. (Your dog will pay close attention to which direction you’re walking and will stop when you stop.)
  • The secret “hands off” technique that helps you get better leash control. (Tension between you and your dog is what causes most of the pulling problems. Using this technique will help you be a better trainer.)
  • And much, much more…This class will fill fast so I need to hear from you ASAP. You can reserve your spot by giving me a call at 774-319-6351.



P.S. Everyone who attends will also get my online version of this course. You can check it out: Leash Walking Secrets

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