Dog Training In Dartmouth MA

Dog Training In Dartmouth Mass
Dog Training In Dartmouth Massachusetts

I’ve been dog training in Dartmouth Massachusetts for years.

I did dog training at Dartmouth Mass Humane Society for a while.

I worked with a lot of shelter dogs and there is one main reason why they end up there.

Behavior problems.

When a dog jumps, bites, steals or has a housetraining problem they get sent to the shelter.

So let me share the MOST important word to keep your dog out of the shelter.

This word is so powerful it can prevent thousands of dogs going to the shelter.

A word which you can dog can learn in a few minutes.

So what word is it?

The word is…


No is not a popular word and many dog trainers advise to never use the word. Luckily you found this article because NO can save your dog’s life. NO can prevent your dog from going to a shelter. NO can help your dog learn to live with you.\

Here is what you must know about dog training. There is nothing magical or mystical about it.

When you train your dog you must understand your dog has to learn to INCREASE certain behaviors (sit, down, come, stay, etc). And your dog has to learn to DECREASE or eliminate behaviors we do not like (jumping, stealing food off the counters, chewing, biting, etc.).

So your dog has to learn the word YES to increase behaviors. And your dog has to learn NO to decrease behaviors.

Makes sense right?

So you use the word YES and pair it with a positive consequence to teach behaviors.

You use the word NO and pair it with a negative consequence to STOP behaviors.

Here is why it can save your dog’s life. If you want to stop your dog from jumping, biting, stealing, digging or any other behavior you CAN’T use a positive consequence. A positive consequence can ONLY increase behaviors.

Dogs do not end up in shelters because they can’t do a sit command. Dogs go to the shelters because they do behaviors we don’t like. Behaviors we want to eliminate.

I can show you how to stop jumping or biting in a few minutes which will make your dog much more enjoyable.

If you’re struggling with your dog contact me for a FREE behavior evaluation. Here’s where to go NEXT:

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