Dog Training In Warren RI

Dog Training Warren RI

I do dog training from Warren RI to Marion MA.

I can start my morning doing dog training in Newport RI and end in New Bedford MA.

People are often surprised when I tell them how many appointments I do every week.

I do as many as 35 private appointments along with 3 to 4 group obedience classes.

So I see a lot of dogs every week.

Most of them are very nice and just need a little help. But some of them have big problems. I am doing dog training with one dog in Warren RI right now which concerns me.

See, the first step with a problem dog is making sure the relationship is right. Your dog has to clearly understand you have the highest status in the house.

The reason I am concerned with this dog is because the owner is the sweetest, nicest person you could ever meet.

The best way to establish a good relationship with your dog is to control the activities important to them. There are four main ones. You need to control:

Sleeping areas
Social contact

It may not seem like a big deal when you control tug games, or when your dog eats, or making your dog earn the privilege to sleep on the couch. (BTW – my dogs are allowed on the furniture).

W.Clement Stone said: “Little Hinges Swing Big Doors.” And when I can’t help someone it is often because they can’t do the little things. The dog training I am doing in Warren RI is going to be tricky.

The dog growls around his food dish and my first recommendation was to put the dog on a feeding schedule. This floored the owner. She said there is no way she could ever do this.

Dealing with behavior problems is often an indirect approach. We must make the small changes which will have big effects on the dog down the road.

Anyway, I am giving my Canine Leadership Manual to everyone who does a free behavior consultation with me. If you or someone you know needs is struggling with their dog please let them know they can get a FREE behavior consultation with me AND get the Canine Leadership Manual.

The best way to schedule a FREE consultation is by going to my website and filling in and submitting the form. You can get the FREE consultation by going here NEXT:

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