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Dog Training Videos Of Actual Clients

» Veeshka – Fall River, MA

CASE STUDY: Veeshka is a German Shepherd we did dog training with in Fall River, MA. Veeshka was very reactive and acted aggressive when anyone came to the house. It reached the point where friends and family would not visit anymore. Within three training sessions Veshka allowed strangers to come into the house and allowed them to pet her. Here are the before and after videos.




» Phenny – New Bedford, MA

CASE STUDY: Phenny is a Pit Bull who successfully overcame her aggressive behavior towards other dogs when she went through our dog training sessions in New Bedford, MA. Phenny would become uncontrollable when she saw other dogs on leash. The before and after videos are the results after one session.




» Hunter – Newport, RI

CASE STUDY: Hunter is a seven-month Leonburger who was reactive and aggressive towards strange dogs on leash. Here are the results in the first session. Please note, no prong, choke or electronic collar was used to achieve the results you’ll see in the before and after videos.




» Bruin – Swansea, MA

CASE STUDY: Bruin, a bulldog, had problems on leash around other dogs. He would bark and become uncontrollable at the sight of strange dogs. Here are the results in the first session.




» Fritz – Tiverton, RI

CASE STUDY:This is Fritz who loved chasing the 50 chickens on his property in Tiverton, RI. This behavior was completely unacceptable to his owners. Here are two after videos that were filmed after two dog training sessions.




» Nala, Acushnet, MA

CASE STUDY: We did dog training in Acushnet, MA to help Nala, a Pit Bull, with an attitude towards other dogs when she is on leash. Nala did great with her training and quickly learned how to behave around other dogs. Check out the before and after videos to see the results.




» Reactive Dog Class at the Wiggle Room, Middletown, RI

CASE STUDY: Reactive Dog Training Class in Middletown RI. A big problem for dog owners is reactive, out of control behavior when their dogs are on leash. The dogs see other dogs or people and become uncontrollable. This results in the dogs going for fewer and fewer walks because the owners are embarrassed by their dogs’ behavior. It is a very common behavior problem and can be brought under control in a short period of time. The videos below are from a group class with dogs who were uncontrollable around other dogs.




» Canine Good Citizen Prep Class

CASE STUDY: A popular achievement for dog owners is the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Program. We offer classes which help prepare for the test. They cover the ten items that dogs need to pass to achieve this certification.

CGC Class – Wiggle Room, Middletown, RI

CGC Class – Diamond in the RUFF, Acushnet, MA


» Zeus – Fall River, MA

CASE STUDY: Dog training in Fall River, MA with Zeus the German Shepherd. Zeus is being trained to become a therapy dog. Here Zeus is doing beginning off-leash work.




» Paros – Portsmouth, RI

CASE STUDY: Dog training in Portsmouth, RI with Paros the German Shepherd. Paros was uncontrollable on leash around other dogs. Here Paros is doing off-leash training at Glen Park in Portsmouth, RI.

PAROS – Distance Training

PAROS – After working on his reactivity


» The Recall Command

CASE STUDY: Otis is learning how to come when called. He is set up to successfully complete the command. This dog training session was held in Dartmouth, MA. The other video is a dog training lesson with Rudy in New Bedford, MA. Rudy comes when called from a long distance off-leash.

OTIS – Dartmouth, MA

RUDY – New Bedford, MA


» Loose Leash Walking

CASE STUDY: In the first video you’ll see Diesel, a Rottweiler we did dog training with in Fairhaven, MA. Diesel was highly reactive and uncontrollable on leash. Within a few dog training sessions you can see Diesel walk past a strange dog with no reaction. The second video is with Lola. We provided in home dog training for Lola in Fall River, MA.

DIESEL – Fairhaven, MA

LOLA – Fall River, MA


» Duke & Bella – Fall River, MA

CASE STUDY: We went to Fall River, MA to help Duke and Bella with their dog training. Duke and Bella were very unruly and difficult to control. In the first video you can see them do excellent stay commands. The second video shows the owner walking both boxers at the same time.

STAY with Distractions



» Jake – Dartmouth, MA & Cisco – Westport, MA

CASE STUDY: The first dog is Jake doing dog training in Dartmouth, MA. The second dog, Cisco, is doing his dog training on the beach in Westport, MA. Jake was learning how to bring his barking under control. Cisco is doing the stay command with a release. He is also doing the come when called command.




» Dog Training In Dartmouth, MA

CASE STUDY: Canine Good Citizen prep dog training class in Dartmouth, MA. Chance and Slater are preparing for the popular American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test.

CGC Class – Dartmouth, MA



» Loose Leash Walking In Dartmouth, MA & Acushnet, MA

CASE STUDY: The first video is with Hattie, a Yellow Lab. We did dog training lessons with her in Dartmouth, MA. Hattie’s owner had broken ribs and could not walk her. Hattie had to learn to walk on a loose leash without pulling. The second video is with Cali. We also did her dog training lessons in Dartmouth, MA. Cali quickly learned how to walk on leash without pulling.

Hattie – Dartmouth, MA

Cali – Acushnet, MA

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