Do You Dread Taking Your Dog For A Walk?

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I was in Newport, RI yesterday. I drove out to help a dog owner with teaching her dog to come when called. I was there for 45 minutes and made a big observation.

There are a lot of out-of-control, unruly dogs in Newport.

And to be honest, it’s not just Newport. In the short time I was there I saw dog after dog bark, pull, jump and act completely out of control. I told my wife I could bring my dog to the park, put her in a down stay and hold a sign that says:


The sad part is that so many dog owners think and believe it takes months and months of training to bring an unruly dog under control. In most cases, it really can be done in one session.

So many people walk into my school, give me a side-eyed look and say: ‘You really think we can take care of this in just one session?”

I understand and know why they are skeptical. If I wasn’t a highly-skilled professional dog trainer with zero ethics, I could easily string them along for months and soak them for a lot cash. But that’s not me. Dog owners have been told it takes months of training to get results and in many cases, this is false.

It’s the reason we racked up 86 Five-Star Google reviews in a little over a year. Many of them write about how it took one session like this:

“Eric corrected our little guy’s leash reactivity issue easily in one visit. We were even able to attend a 5k dog walk with over 100 dogs without any bad behavior from our dog. Our dog is a happy pup with lots of dog friends thanks to Eric’s help!”
Jessica Chester

“I felt my dog was untrainable when I brought her to Eric. He assured me she was trainable. I basically told him he had his work cut out for him and didn’t think it possible. I have to say I was impressed after just 5 minutes of his time, that’s right just 5 min. My little Joy is not the same dog her behavior has improved for the better. I feel less stressed about being out with her and find myself not raising my voice anymore. My family and I could not recommend anyone better than Eric!!!”
Nancy Almeida

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We rescued our 11 month old lab/hound mix, Kaya, and within only a week of having her we needed serious help with her reactive behavior within the apartment… It was getting to the point where we dreaded taking her out. Kaya is the sweetest dog but the second another dog came into the picture her personality completely switched and she became vicious.

Within leaving our first session with Eric, the problem was FIXED! I couldn’t believe it… BEST INVESTMENT!! With her reactive behavior fixed, her quality of life went up as did mine because we were stress free walking by other dogs. After that, the dog group classes were a great way to socialize Kaya and learn awesome tricks and tips that help her behavior even more so. Go to Eric, it is worth it.”
Catherine Tierney

It is sad to see so many dog owners struggling with their dogs when they are literally less than an hour away from fixing their dog’s problems. If you’re struggling with your dog’s reactive behavior, check out the before and after videos on my website and then sign up for a FREE consult.

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