Emergency Recall (Come When Called) Techniques…And Apology

In yesterday’s email I mentioned the little drama going on over at Amazon.com.

One person wrote a review about an emergency recall (come when called) technique that could possibly save your dog’s life. She was very angry with the technique that I shared.

I also told everyone that you could get a free copy of the book on Amazon and asked if you could leave a review.

I should have been a little more clear with my instructions. I should have made it very clear that you could get the Kindle version for free. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

You can still get the book. I would still appreciate a review and I have included 4 emergency recall techniques you can use if you ever find yourself in a situation where your dog is off leash and in danger.

Listen, I’ve had dogs my whole life and I know one thing. I know the terror you feel when your dog is off leash and loose. I know the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you see your unsuspecting dog walking towards the street with oncoming traffic.

I also know the pain of seeing a dog hit by a car. I have stood over a dog and watched it die in front of me.

Please, I am not trying to depress you but want to help you. I want to make sure that you never have to experience any of the above. Which is why I will do anything to get a dog back when they are loose.

And with that in mind here are four emergency recall (come when called) techniques you can use if your dog ever gets loose.

1. Lay down – on Amazon.com the person that gave me the negative review was upset by this advice but let me tell you. I’ve used this many times to get a loose dog back to me. The reason it works is simple. Once we are on the ground we become more attractive to the dog and the dog wants to play.

2. Run the other way – if you can get your dog’s attention and run away from your dog you can often get them to chase you. Again, dogs love to play and love to chase.

3. Car door – a lot of dogs love to go for car rides. A few months back I was working with a private client when her dog got loose close to a busy street. The owner was slowing down traffic to prevent her dog from getting hit. One nice lady pulled over to help. Before she got out of her call I asked her to keep the car door open. That was an invitation the dog could not ignore and hopped in.

4. NO! true story – I was working with a Visula puppy in Portsmouth RI about a month ago. The puppy slipped his leash and the whole family took off after the puppy which was great fun for her. The week before I had taught the puppy the word NO. I calmly walked towards the puppy and firmly said: “NO!” The puppy hit the brakes and went into a sit position. The owner was able to walk over and her on leash.

The best thing you can do is teach your dog to come when called but when all else fails remember the four techniques and try them all of you have to.

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I’d also love it if you could leave a review once you’ve read the book.

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Thank You!


1 thought on “Emergency Recall (Come When Called) Techniques…And Apology”

  1. I’ve used all those techniques on one dog or another… They WORK!

    I was driving in the neighborhood when I came across two loose dogs… I slowed down, opened the car door, and said “hey pup, wanna go for a ride??” in a happy high-pitched voice – and they both RAN to hop in! It took me another hour to locate their home… but I did get them back safe to their owners that night.

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