Extremely Dangerous Dog Training Advice

Much of the dog training advice today can get your dog killed.

That’s a bold statement for a Monday morning.

But 100% true and you know that I always give it to you straight.

AND I always prove my point.

Jumping is a huge problem for about 80% of the people that have a dog.

The advice from the PO’d crowd is that you should always ignore the behavior or give the dog something else to do like sit.

The correct course of action is to apply a negative consequence to stop the behavior. Once the dog successfully stops jumping, you THEN reward the dog for keeping all four paws on the ground.

A big portion of the American population is on a drug called Coumadin. Coumadin is a blood thinner and the person taking it bruises and bleeds very easily.

A young family gets a pup. The pup gets bigger and begins to jump on everyone coming through the door. The family is concerned because Grandma is on Coumadin and wants to stop the jumping.

They go online and most of the “experts” tell them that you do NOT use punishment to stop this behavior.

You simply fold your arms and ignore the behavior. This doesn’t work so they hire a trainer with some fancy letters behind his name.

This trainer agrees and tells them that another behavior has to be taught. No one wants to address the problem head on the way it should be.

Grandma eventually comes over to visit and the dog jumps and scratches her. How long do you think the dog is going to last in the house?

The dog will end up in a shelter faster than you can say B.F. Skinner.

8 out of 10 dogs never see their first birthday in the United States. The all positive crowd is not helping the problem by telling dog owners that punishment should never be used.

Used correctly, it saves dogs’ lives. If your dog is doing behaviors that you’d like to stop, immediately check out the Dog Training Inner Circle and learn how to teach your dog, “NO”.

It’s just $1.00 to join.

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Dog Training Inner Circle



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