Fall Out From Positive Reinforcement

Just about every week I work with a new dog that I would describe as a….


This type of dog loves to steal ANYTHING. Paper, towels, shoes, pens, eyeglasses, underwear. socks you name it.

They grab it and run like hell.

Often getting the entire family involved in the chase.

These same dogs often jump, bite and are world class pests!

Most of the dogs that I work with like this have been to a class or two. The instructor has told them that positive reinforcement and treats will solve all their problems.

They tell dog owners that punishment and negative consequences can’t be used because of….


Fall out is a popular term used by dog trainers. They always use it when talking about punishment.

If you use any punishment or negative consequences the dog will suffer from Fall Out. The term comes from nuclear weapons. The blast is terrible but the fallout from nuclear bombs can be worse.

I am here to tell you that there is fallout from using positive reinforcement only.

I don’t care what anyone tells you – your dog has to hear and learn the command “NO.”

You’re dog also has to learn the word “YES” but if you truly want your dog to be safe, to listen better and to avoid becoming a BRAT you have to use and teach “NO.”

Otherwise your dog will suffer from the side effects of positive reinforcement fallout.

Learn how to “Balance” your training. Teach your dog behaviors using “YES” and positive reinforcement.

STOP behaviors that you don’t like and are dangerous using “NO” and negative consequences.

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