FREE Train Your Dog Workshop In Bristol RI

Free Dog Training Workshop Bristol RI

Six months ago I decided to sit down and write a book. As soon as I sat on the chair, my two year old son decided he was going to climb on me. My daughter decided she wanted to practice her dance steps in front of me. My wife thought it would be a good time to plant a garden and the number of distractions never stopped. Writing a book is no easy task and it would have been easy to give up.

But I soldiered on. And there is one reason why I finished it. The reason? I was motivated.

I thought about writing the book when I woke up. I thought about it I went to bed. I took notes during the day when thoughts would pop into my fertile and overstimulated brain.

Here is where it gets interesting. It was NOT positive motivation. Negative motivation compelled me to write this puppy. PETA wants to ban crates which would be a disaster. Toronto just put a ban on dog training tools that SAVE dog’s lives. Famous dog trainers give unethical advice based on their opinions and not scientific facts.

And the dog is the one who ends up paying the price.

As I looked around and saw the advice given to dog owners, I became very motivated to finish the book, no matter what the distractions were. And as luck would have it, the Bristol RI Animal Shelter contacted and asked to meet with me. We decided to have a free workshop which will cover much of what I write about in the book.

On April 26th at 6:00 PM you can attend the Train Your Dog Workshop. Space is limited so if interested I would register ASAP! I’m putting a lot of effort to promoting this bad boy so I need to hear from you if you want in. You can register by calling 774-319-6351.

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