He Wanted To Actually Fight Me In The Middle Of A Wedding!

Years ago my cousin was married to a guy that I thought was a real class A chump.

This was not just my opinion of him. I had my reasons.

You see, one fine day we were all together at a wedding when my cousin’s husband challenged me to a fight.

He was serious. He actually wanted to throw down right in the middle of the festivities.

Luckily, I happen to be a peaceful man and declined his invitation (not to mention I kind of like my teeth where they are).

Anyway, last night the Washington Redskins lost to the Seahawks and I was happy for that because the clown I’m talking about was a HUGE Redskins fan and for years I’ve been secretly rooting for any team that plays against the Redskins.

Funny how we can remember negative incidents for years.

Which is why you have to be so careful using negative training methods.

I got a call from a friend yesterday asking me to help out a family with a dog that “bit for no reason.” A child was bitten reaching into the crate to get the dog.

There’s always a reason for aggression and it often brought on by the training methods used.

The first place training goes wrong is with the type of collar being used. Often choke and prong collars are put on the dog and the “corrections” begin.

Within a few days some dogs have received hundreds of corrections and we wonder why “the dog bit for no reason?”

I had one negative incident with someone who is I am sure is a decent guy but it left a lasting impression for years.

So be wary and careful of negative training methods and if you’d like to see how training can be done with just a flat buckle collar and positive methods, check out The Leash Walking Secrets Course.

No fighting.

No negatives.

Lots of fun.

And best of all…..


Leash Walking Secrets Course



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