Here Is What To Do If You Feel You Made A Mistake WIth Your Dog

Ever heard of the band Creed?

Pretty big deal a few years back.

But I guarantee none of us would have ever heard of them if they kept their original name.

See, their original name was….

…..naked toddler.


What a dumb name. What a huge mistake to make naming a band.

But everyone makes mistakes. And the band members of Creed were smart enough to realize what an incredibly stupid name it was and moved on.

Everyday I meet with dog owners that think they have completely screwed up their dog.

They feel bad. And they beat themselves up.

What’s done is done. But most dog owners that I meet with have not done any serious damage.

Dogs are resilient. They can bounce back. And as long as you haven’t beaten the dog you can teach your dog to be well behaved. You can develop a great relationship and bond with your dog.

I was working with a very nice lady and her dog yesterday.

I talked about the relationship account.

The relationship account is basically like a checking account.

Every positive thing you do is a deposit. Every negative is a withdrawal.

You need to make sure you have more deposits than withdrawals.

Because every account needs deposits before a withdrawal can be made.

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