How To Control The Uncontrolable Dog

Training The Uncontrollable Dog

The summer of ’95 is one I will never forget. It was my first year in business. Having no money, I took a job as an animal control officer. My partner was 97 pounds soaking wet and since I was a “professional” dog trainer, I always handled the control pole when faced with a snarling, none too happy dog which had to be caught and put in the van.

Let me put it this way. Ever heard of bungee jumping, extreme roller coasters, running with the bulls, swimming with great white sharks? Child’s play. Nothing compared to the adrenaline jolt of facing down a 90 pound Rottweiler that hates your guts and would gladly sink his strong and powerful jaws into your thigh.

I’ve seen aggressive behavior in dogs from many different angles which can cause big problems for the owners.

EXAMPLE: Cosmo is a little mixed breed dog from Dartmouth, MA. His owners had a difficult time walking him anywhere. The reason was because he would absolutely lose his mind. He would grab his leash and whip his head around as hard as he could.

He would then bark and spin like a Tasmanian devil until the other dog left the area. I’m not kidding. This little dog would go crazy. And many dog owners will not seek help because they think their dog can’t be helped.

Believe it or not, Cosmo was very easy to help. In just a few sessions, Cosmo learned to walk right past strange dogs and people. In fact, here is a Google review Cosmo’s owner, Russ, wrote:

“Our dog Cosmo was horribly animal aggressive to the point of not being to take him for a walk on the leash. After a few short training sessions with Eric, our dog’s aggression went away and his whole personality improved. He is now a joy to be around. I would not believe this transformation if I did not see it with my own eyes. I would highly recommend Eric to any pet owner, it sure makes for a much happier life for every family member, including the dog.” Russ Leite, Dartmouth MA

And this is where some people get skeptical. So let me show you before and after results of Cosmo. Here is a video I made of Cosmo:

Does your dog act like Cosmo? Are you dealing with an out of control dog? A dog that is difficult on leash? A dog that goes crazy when someone visits? Do you know someone who is struggling with their dog?

You or your friend can get a FREE consultation with me. There is no charge. No obligation. I meet with you and your dog. I get some more info on your dog and what behaviors you are dealing with. I make my recommendations. DONE. You decide if you want to move forward or not.

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