How To Train A Human In 3 Seconds Or Less

NERDCan you train a human in 3 seconds or less?

You can if you are The Amazing Dog Training Man and I can prove it.

Summer months are a great time to go outside and do some training with your dog.

The problem is that some of you have dogs that are not the best behaved around other dogs. So the thought of someone approaching you with their dog strikes fear deep into your gentle heart.

Instead you decide to stay in your yard, never giving your dog the opportunity to learn how to walk on leash and interact with the big world just outside your doors.

You may have even had some bad experiences with people walking up to you and your dog causing you to hang on with everything you’ve got.

You’ve pleaded with people to stay back, to please not approach your dog because he gets so excited or maybe a little (or a lot) aggressive.

Luckily, you and I are friends because today I am going to show you how to train people to move away from you when you are with your dog.

The next time some pesky person approaches you with their dog don’t ask them to move away, don’t beg or plead with them. All you need to say is this:

“My dog is getting over a bad case of parvo. You may want to keep away.”

These simple magic words will stop them in their tracks and they will quickly move away from you.

Now you can spend some time training your dog so you can walk up to other dogs and have control.

And if you think training humans is impressive, you ain’t seen nothing yet. You should see what we teach at our dog training classes.

Each class is loaded with everything you need to know to get your best friend walking with you and having fun without the fear of being dragged down the street or facing uncontrollable behavior around other dogs.

Ready to get started?


Here’s where to go NOW:

Dog Training Class



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