I Hope Puff Diddy Doesn’t Have Dogs

So P. Diddy, or is it Puff Daddy(?) rapper Sean Combs was arrested Saturday.

He was arrested for assaulting a UCLA football coach.

So why would Puff Daddy assault a football coach?

He saw the coach yelling at his son who plays as a defensive back for the team.

Here’s what is important to understand. You see, Puff didn’t just walk into the coach’s office and started swinging.

His anger was triggered by an event that dictated his response. He became highly emotional seeing his son being screamed at and decided to resolve the problem by picking up a kettlebell and bashing the coach with it.

His actions resulted in three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of making a terrorist threat and one count of battery. His bail was set at $160,000.

Aggression can be very costly.

As humans, we need to learn to control our emotions and only use physical aggression as a way of defending ourselves or loved ones. Resolving issues like being cut off in traffic with aggression can have big, negative consequences.

Take it from a guy that has struggled with his own anger issues.

So one of the most important parts of having a dog is teaching and training the dog that aggression can NEVER be used to resolve issues.

Which goes against the dog’s natural drives and instincts.

Two dogs that want the same bone won’t have a discussion about taking turns and sharing.

The one dog that really wants the bone will get it. Usually through intimidation or aggression.

The best time to start teaching a dog that aggression is an unacceptable behavior is when they are puppies. Conditioning exercises can be done which will show the puppy that there is nothing to get upset about when a human is close to food or toys.

An older dog that is aggressive around food or toys or for any reason can be tricky.

But not always impossible.

Anyway, if you’d like more info or help with aggressive behavior, head on over to the Dog Training Inner Circle.

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