I Like To Snuggle

Patriots fever is in full swing as you can expect.

It will be wall to wall Patriots talk here in Massachusetts until Feb. 1. Which is good with me but a lot of goofy stuff happens because there are non-stop interviews, analysis and opinions.

And one of the funnier interviews aired yesterday with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Asked about his softer side Gronkowski replied:

“I like to snuggle.”

Which was kind of funny because if asked that question I wondered how I would answer. I think I would have said something like: “I help shelter dogs,” or maybe “I like to spend time playing with my daughter,” or even, “I like quiet walks on the beach.”

I like to snuggle is classic.

Anyway, snuggling brings up an important topic. One that you should pay attention to and if you have a puppy the information in today’s email is especially appropriate.

When I teach a puppy class I always start off with everyone hugging the puppies. I then pass the puppies and have them hugged by everyone in class. We spend some time each week hugging our puppies.

Why the hug fest?

You see, snuggling, or hugging is not always a good thing with dogs. Some dogs love to be hugged and others will literally take your face off.

A puppy can be taught to accept and like hugging. People love hugging and getting in a dog’s space. We really have to spend a lot of time getting puppies used to having people getting all up in their grill.

Dogs, like humans, do have personal space. (Unless you have a Lab, they have no personal space.)

And the dog’s personality and drives will determine what happens. Kids really like to hug so it is extremely important that your dog accepts close contact.

I highly recommend that any kids around your dog are supervised but it is still good to teach your dog to be more like Rob Gronkowski.

If you have an adult dog that does not like to hug, please be very careful and always keep a close eye on him or her.

Anyway, there is a non-stop hugfest always going on over at The Dog Training Inner Circle where you and your dog are welcomed with open arms and a big virtual hug from me.

We’ll help you train your dog and answer any questions you may have. The best part is that you can get started for just $1.00.

Here’s where to go NEXT:

Dog Training Inner Circle



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