My Dog Doesn’t Listen To Me

It’s funny living with a small, spirited, two and half year old girl.

Little Scarlett can totally and fully engage with you…or….she can completely ignore you.

It’s been a learning experience for me.

And I have had to learn how to get her attention.

Direct questions or commands do not work with this little girl.

But asking her to join me doing something immediately gets her attention. Just yesterday she was in full sprint towards the pond that we live on.

Telling her to come back does not work. Yelling at her to come back will fall on deaf ears. Your only choice is to chase her down and pick her up.

Or….ask her to do something.

So as she was running away I asked her if she would like to help bring some wood into the house for the stove.

She magically stopped and came to help.

Does it ever feel like your dog does not listen to you?

Lucky for you decided to tune in today and read this far because I am going to share a BIG secret with you.

In order to get your dog to listen to you, you need to get…..


You have to have your dog’s attention. Your dog has to focus on you and engage with you.

Talking to your dog’s butt does not get a good response.

But when your dog turns and looks at you, when your dog gives you full attention, you get a dog that will listen to you when you give a command.

Engagement is something that needs to be worked on daily. It needs to be done as part of your training. The more your dog is rewarded and learns to engage with you the better his performance will be.

Engagement is done through movement and rewards.

Start today and within a short time you’ll see the results for yourself.

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