My Present To You That Could Prevent A Holiday Disaster

By now you know that I like to keep things light and fun.

My opinion is that there are a lot of dog trainers that are way too serious and a lot of them need to lighten up a little and smile more.

But today I have to take a different tack.

Today I want to talk about avoiding a holiday disaster.

It has been my experience that a lot of dogs are experts at one behavior. Dogs love to steal off the counter, jump on guests and bark at the door. But if you were to ask me the one behavior they are excellent at it is…..


You go to the door to let your guests in and in a flash your dog is out the door. If this happens on Christmas or New Years day, it could easily ruin what could have been a great day with friends and family.

Personally, I could care less about gifts these days. I like them but I really enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Having to chase the dog down the road or worse would not be much fun.

There are two ways to prevent having a dog disaster:

ONE: Teach your dog to wait at the door as guests come in. You still have 7 days left. What’s that? Your dog will never learn this in 7 days and that you’ll need more time? Nonsense.

Your dog can learn this in about ten minutes and I’ll help. Here is a video with demonstrations and instructions on how to teach this command. An early Christmas present from your pal ADTM. Make sure you come back for part two.

Video teaching dog to wait at door.


…..the first part covers what to do when guests come over. The second part is if you have little kids or drunk uncles that open the door when you are not around.

If someone opens the door and you are not there, your dog may decide to slip out and if this happens your dog will have to know:

How to come when called.

And luckily for you, I have that covered too. You see, this requires a little more work than teaching wait at the door so I put together the Super Stocking Special which includes the Ultimate Online Recall Course, The Leash Walking Secrets Course AND The Ultimate Dog Nutrition Guide.

All of which is more exciting than a dog in a hubcap factory but it all goes away in 7 short days so if you want in, here’s where to go NEXT:

Super Stocking Special 



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