No B.S. Guide To Dog Training

Lately I have been writing a lot about teaching the word “NO” and using negative consequences to stop unacceptable behaviors.

I’ve also pointed out popular, well-known trainers that are INtentionally misleading dog owners with false information.

This has resulted in many readers of my daily hard-hitting, informational, educational email to write me. Their advice has been for me to back off, to focus only on the positive, to be the “Pro” and not call foul when I see it.

I’ve read this advice, processed it and… rejected it.

I’m sorry, but I have an obligation to my readers to provide them with dog training advice that is not based on fantasy and flawed beliefs.

There is SO MUCH B.S. about dog training right now and I feel sorry for the confused dog owner that just wants to train their dog to stop jumping and chewing on the kids. They want the dog to stop dragging them on leash and to not pull a nutty every time someone walks by the house.

So what does the confused dog owner do? They turn to what they think are trusted sources and they get a big party sized platter of “positive reinforcement will solve all your problems.”

The new dog owner then tries to use positive reinforcement to STOP the behaviors that are causing problems. An impossible task.

But the confused dog owner loves their new dog so they keep trying and one of two things happens. They learn to live with behaviors that they don’t have to live with or…

…they get rid of the dog. Often the dog ends up dead.

All because of B.S. dog training. You see, what the owner needed was someone to show her how to do two things.

ONE: Use positive consequences to reward acceptable behaviors (sit, down, stay).

TWO: Use negative consequences to stop unacceptable behaviors (jumping, biting, etc.)

That’s it.

So don’t worry. I am going to stay the course and keep telling it like I see it. I’ll cut through the clutter and nonsense and give it to you straight.

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Here’s where to go NEXT:

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