Eric Letendre's PUPPY PROGRAM

Our Puppy Program is designed specifically for puppies of all breeds between the ages of 8 weeks and five months. It combines both private instruction and group classes so you and your puppy get the best of both worlds – personalized, one-one-one training and the safe, supervised socialization that all puppies need!  If your dog is older than five months – please see our FOUNDATION PROGRAM.

In the first private lesson you and your puppy will learn:
  • Proper and effective management techniques
  • How to structure the relationship so that your puppy looks to you as the leader
  • A four-word communication system
  • How to stop any unwanted puppy behavior – FAST!
During the four small group classes, you and your puppy will learn:
  • How to easily get your puppy’s attention and keep her engaged through simple exercises and games
  • An introduction to basic obedience through luring and hand signals
  • How to build your puppy’s confidence and overcome fear using our agility equipment and exposure to foreign sights and sounds
  • Safe handling exercises to prevent any future food bowl aggression and relaxed vet and groomer visits
  • How to be calm and settled when visitors come over and conditioning your puppy to the house
  • Good manners and how to prevent future behavior problems
  • A free copy of Eric’s Best Dog Now Book (also available on Amazon)
  • Free access to the Best Dog Now online course while enrolled in the program
  • Free follow up classes if necessary on Saturdays

Cost for the Entire Program: $395

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If you are ready to get started, use the button below to schedule your First Private Lesson. Once you have attended your first private lesson, then you will be able to schedule your four group training classes.

Schedule My First Puppy Program Private Lesson

If you still have questions, please call our office at 774-319-6351 and one of our trainers will be happy to help! – Or you can schedule a free consultation here.

Puppy Program - Eric Letendre's Dog Training School
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