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Have you ever thought about why we don’t like going to the dentist? Or why we don’t like snakes, heights, sharks or Justin Bieber’s music?

I can tell you why with one word: Pain.

No one wants to get bit by a snake, fall off a roof, get in the water with a fish that has rows of razor sharp teeth or listen to Justin Bieber, because it is painful to think what could happen.

Ashlyn Blocker does not feel pain. I’m reading a great book, “Barking Up The Wrong Tree,” and the author, Eric Barker, explains how Ashlyn has a defect in her SCN9A gene and how her nerves did not form and the pain signals do not reach her brain.

Sounds like a pretty good deal. No more headaches, back pain or leaving the room when Bieber’s music comes on, but there is a huge dark side to having congenital insensitivity to pain. People with this disorder have short lives and 50 percent don’t make it past the age of three. Babies won’t cry out and as they become adults, they often have to check for broken bones and burns.

This was very interesting to me for one simple reason. In my book, “The Deadly Dog Training Myth,” I explained how electronic and prong collars are life saving devices. Most dog owners are told by dog trainers to NEVER use any type of aversive collar.

There is a huge positive only, force free dog training movement in this country and world-wide trying hard to convince dog owners to use ONLY positive reinforcement. This movement confuses dog owners who are trying to keep their dogs safe which is what dog training is all about. A dog that comes when called (every time), that does not pull on leash, does not jump, is a dog who has a better chance at living a good life with his human family.

Telling dog owners they can only use positive reinforcement is DEADLY advice. Much the same way having a defective SCN9A gene is for humans. Pain, discomfort, unpleasantness is FEEDBACK that keeps you safe, that keeps your dog safe. Telling dog owners to ONLY use positive reinforcement is unethical and dangerous.

This is also why I give the first three chapters of my book for free. You can go check it out by going here NEXT: Deadly Dog Training Myth

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