Seinfeld’s Dog Training Success System

It’s no secret that I am a huge Seinfeld fan.

It makes my wife Rachael a little crazy that after ten years of being together, I still watch the show whenever I can.

Anyway, in real life Jerry Seinfeld once gave some advice to a comedian that was trying to make it. This advice can help you achieve any goal.

Want to lose weight, write a book, run a marathon or train your dog? Follow Jerry Seinfeld’s four words to be successful at anything.

Here are the four words:

“Never break the chain.”

Seinfeld told the young struggling comedian that every January he would put a big year long calendar on his wall.

Every day that he wrote new material for his act he would mark a big red X over that day.

I know that the major reason a lot of people don’t get the results they are looking for is because dog training is not at the top of the list for fun. Sometimes training your dog can be a chore but if you use the, “Never break the chain” method you can motivate yourself to get results.

Print a 90 day calendar and put it on your refrigerator. Only mark the X after you have done 10 minutes of dog training. Within a few days you will not want to break the chain.

And the best part is that by the end of 30 days you’ll see big improvements with your dog. At the end of 90 days, your friends and family will be asking you how you got such a well trained dog.

Feel free to mention the Amazing Dog Training Man.

You can also use this technique for any other goal you’re looking to accomplish.

Before taking off one more thing. To put your training on steroids, use the “Never break the chain” method with a dog training class right here in Dartmouth MA. Registration is easy, all you need to do is go here NEXT:

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