Short Dog Training Sessions In New Bedford MA

I was working with a dog owner in New Bedford MA the other day and was explaining why he should do short dog training sessions.

Especially when it comes to the most important command you can teach your dog. The recall (come when called) command.

The first exercise I do with the dog is what I call the Spring Loaded Recall Exercise. It’s done with a friend. Your friend holds the leash as you get your dog excited.

Real excited.

When your dog is spinning, barking and wagging his tail, you run away. You run about 20 feet away. Remember, you just got your dog excited and should be straining to get to you. Your friend should have his feet planted to hold you dog back.

Once you are about 20 feet away, you crouch down and loudly say your dog’s name and then the command, “COME.”

If you did this right, your dog should rocket to you. Once your dog gets to you, you reward and repeat.

But here’s the rub:

You should only do this about three or four times.

If you do it too many times, your dog may get bored and then performance goes down.

You always want your dog excited when they hear the word, “Come.”

The secret to obedience training is to always stop before your dog is ready. Always end on a high note – especially with the recall command.

Anyway, The Ultimate Online Recall Course shows you EXACTLY how to do this and more with videos and explanations and its included with any dog training class you take with us. Here is where you can get more info on our dog training classes:

Dog Training Class Info



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