Simple, Easy To Follow Technique That Can Prevent 80% Behavior Problems

So I live an interesting life.

I spend my days working and training dogs.

My home life is interesting. For Halloween I dressed up like a pirate to go out with my two year old daughter and my eight month old son.

Yesterday, I got fitted for a tuxedo because my other daughter, Sara, is getting married on the 21st.

I tell everyone I like to spread out when I have kids.

Anyway, yesterday I started working with a new client and their dog. This puppy was having some problems.

Housetraining was one of them. The other problem was that the puppy was constantly getting into things. Grabbing the socks, biting the pant legs of the owner, knocking the garbage can over, jumping on the counters and coffee table.

The exasperated owner finally said to me: “I couldn’t sit down and watch Jeopardy! This dog has me moving constantly and I can’t get a second’s rest.”

Alarm bells went off in my head.

She then added that it was easier raising her kids than it was this puppy.

As a newly minted father of two I chimed in and said that it is harder because she is giving her pup way, way too much freedom.

Kids require constant attention and supervision.

A puppy does too….but….with a puppy we have tools to manage their behavior.

In my experience, new puppy owners don’t do enough to manage behavior.

I have one hard and fast rule for ALL puppy or newly adopted dog owners.


It is earned gradually over time as the dog learns who the leader is. It is earned as the dog learns the rules of the house.

No chewing, no peeing on the carpet, no stealing food off the counters, no jumping on the guests, etc.

Managing your dog’s behavior is easy.

It is done with crates, baby gates, leashes and x-pens.

One of the most useful management techniques for you to use is tethering.

Secure the leash to something study in the room. A door knob, a sturdy chair or anything solid.

With your dog tethered, your dog can be in the room with you but they don’t have total freedom.

You can sit there and watch Jeopardy, Seinfeld, or the Patriots game.

Simple, but one of the most important steps to having a puppy.

That’s the way I like to keep things. Simple.

And the easiest way to raise and train your puppy is to follow these steps:

Manage behavior
Establish leadership
Effectively communicate

Learn and apply those steps and the rest is gravy. If you’d like to see how it’s done for just $1.00 go here NEXT:

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