Structured Group Pack Walks

Join Us For Our Weekly Group Pack Walks!

Structured Pack Walks Westport MA Dog Training

What is a Structured Group Pack Walk?

Quite simply, a group pack walk is where groups of dogs and people walk together. Walking in a group is fun, challenging, and reassuring for dogs and their owners.

During our group pack walks, dogs remain calmly at heel, with a relaxed leash. There is no pulling or reactivity. Instead, dogs remain focused on their handlers rather than barking, lunging, or pursuing distractions.

Who should participate in Group Pack Walks?

Everyone! Walking together is a very non-confrontational way for dogs to interact. By keeping dogs moving together, they become unified, bonded as pack mates, and are given a non-confrontational positive experience around people and dogs.

Pack walks can reduce a young dog’s desire to play with every dog it meets, help nervous dogs feel less anxious about being around other dogs, and help lessen outbursts from reactive dogs.

Have a reactive dog? Don’t worry! Dogs are poor multitaskers, so while they are busy focusing on a successful walk, they have less physical and mental energy to direct towards reacting. Walking together in a group is the best way to help reactive dogs achieve a calm state of mind.

Have a nervous dog? Don’t worry! Dogs that are sensitive to environmental stimulation (cars, loud noises, bicycles, etc.) will benefit from seeing other dogs model calm walking behavior in proximity to these “triggers”. Walking together in a group is the best way to help nervous dogs achieve a calm state of mind.

Benefits of a structured pack walk:

  • Provides a great opportunity to continue working on your dog’s social skills in a safe, controlled, non-judgmental environment
  • Helps reactive dogs learn to be calm and relaxed around other dogs
  • Gives fearful dogs a chance to succeed
  • Makes you daily walks more enjoyable
  • Provides a great chance to get to meet other local dog enthusiasts!
  • Opportunity to exercise
  • Explore some of the most beautiful areas of the SouthCoast

Rules of the Road:

  • Your dog must have completed either our Perfect Puppy Program or at least Phase I of our dog training program to participate.
  • Your dog needs to be on a 6 ft or shorter leash (absolutely no flexi-leads).
  • Dogs must be under control of their handler at all times and working on a structured heel, not pulling, sniffing, walking ahead or behind, marking, lunging toward other dogs, or barking.
  • Please bring water for you and your dog and your own poop bags.
  • Walks leave promptly at the scheduled time. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes early to park, unload your dog, check in, and prepare for the walk.
  • Walks will cover a variety of ground, sidewalks on busy streets, wooded trails, beaches, and fields. Please check the training calendar to see where each walk will take place so you can dress appropriately.
  • Even though this is a group activity, all dogs should be given space and treated as though they may not get along well with other dogs or people. With this in mind, please do not allow your dog to approach or greet any participants or their dogs. Also, please refrain from interacting with other participant’s dogs.
  • >Relax and have fun!!!