Swansea Dog Trainer Learns Valuable Lesson From Portuguese Fisherman

Two things I loved as a kid growing up in Swansea MA. Fishing and dog training.

I spent my summers on the banks of Lee’s River in Swansea, MA. I loved it. I would spend my days swimming, sailing, fishing and snorkeling and the neighborhood was loaded with dogs. We had a few favorite spots to fish and one of them was a bridge that was also popular with the local community.

The southeastern part of Massachusetts has a large Portuguese community and I used to watch them fish because they were so good at it. For every one fish I caught they would catch seven.

You see, they were very clever. I would fish with one hook on one pole. They would have ten hooks on one pole. I would bait one hook and drop it in the water. They would bait all ten hooks and catch about six or seven fish at the same time.


To many of them, it was a numbers game. They increased their numbers because they had families to feed. I was just fishing for fun but there is a good lesson here for you.

Dog training is a numbers game. If you want to get better results from your dog training efforts, follow the smart Portuguese men I used to watch fishing when I was a kid.

Increase your numbers. Increase the number of times you reward your dog. Increase the number of training sessions you do in a day. Instead of doing one long session, do four or five three to four minute training sessions. During each session, increase the number of rewards you give and watch the HUGE gains you make with your training. Try it with just the recall command. You’ll see for yourself.

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