Swansea Dog Training School

Dog Training For Swansea, MA Dog Owners

Dog Training at Ocean Grove, Swansea, MADear Swansea Dog Owner,

Swansea is a great place to have a dog. I spent my summers as a kid playing on the Lee’s River.

I started teaching dog obedience and puppy classes to Swansea dog lovers way back in 1995.

At Eric Letendre’s Dog Training School you and your dog will learn:

  • The one thing you have to know about using rewards. (Using rewards the right way can be extremely effective, done the wrong way and your training can self destruct.)
  • What German Dog Trainers know about teaching the come command that most other trainers don’t. (And how to use this secret to get maximum training results.)
  • Simple psychological “tricks” that teach your dog that you are the pack leader. (You can teach your dog that you are the leader without ever using force or harmful techniques.)
  • Exactly what to do in your first training session that can 1.) Bond your dog to you right away 2.) Develop trust between you and your dog 3.) Get your dog to respond every time he hears his name.
  • How to avoid the 5 biggest dog training myths that have been taught over the last 50 years. (Scary thing is… many dog trainers still teach these myths. Yet in most cases, these myths can actually harm your dog.)
  • And much, much more…

What dog owners have to say about training their dogs with Eric Letendre:

Eric Letendre's training style is consistent, informative, and fun. If you make mistakes, he helps you correct them in a way that encourages you to keep trying. If you're looking for a positive training class that is fun for both you and your dog, I highly recommend Eric Letendre.

Sue Sullivan Potter League For Animals, Volunteer of the Year 2001 April 1, 2014

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Charlie was expelled from puppy class at seven months old. He was on two different medications and was on his way to see a veterinary behaviorist in Boston to get a prescription for Prozac. Here is what happened to him:

Puppy Training East BridgewaterThanks to you, Eric, for helping Charlie become the happy go lucky dog he is today. It's hard to believe that back in May he was known as "crazy Charlie" at the vet's office and had already been expelled from puppy kindergarten at the tender age of 7 months. After 2 different medications to calm him and almost making the trip to Boston to see if he should be on puppy Prozac, I fortunately found you on the internet and you and your methods were able to work wonders. We can now take Charlie anywhere and he behaves. Everyone loves him because he's so friendly and happy all the time. You truly are the Amazing Dog Training Man. We're looking forward to the next class.

Marie Connolly - East Bridgewater, MA January 1, 2017

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I thought my dog Kimmy was a candidate for canine ADHD before I met Eric. Now, she is well-behaved, obedient, and comes on command. She is also an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen. It is all due to the training she received with Eric.

Sara Arruda Veterinary Technician Anchor Animal Hospital April 1, 2014

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Eric has a terrific sense of humor that makes his classes fun and enjoyable. At the Potter League for Animals, his classes are always well attended, with both the two legged and four legged participants learning a lot. Eric uses positive reinforcement training techniques, and has a commitment to help every family understand their dog's special needs and traits.

We see results of Eric's teaching style and commitment every day. If you want to be best friends with your dog and have the best life long relationship with your dog, don't hesitate to take a class with Eric Letendre.

Christie Smith Executive Director, Potter League for Animal April 1, 2014

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Your class and E-zine have helped me, a first time dog owner, successfully rescue a "pound puppy" who needed serious lessons on how to act with people. Both Cody and I are grateful for your guidance, and I believe it's helped me have a better, happier experience as a dog owner.

Thanks again!

Diane Sterrett Tiverton, RI April 1, 2014

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