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Dog Training In Warren RI

I do dog training from Warren RI to Marion MA. I can start my morning doing dog training in Newport RI and end in New Bedford MA. People are often surprised when I tell them how many appointments I do every week. I do as many as 35 private appointments along with 3 to 4 group obedience classes. So I see a lot of dogs every week. Most of them are very nice and just need a little help. But some of them have big problems. I am doing dog training with one dog in Warren RI right now which… Read the rest

World Famous Dog Trainer Offering Class In Acushnet

I was checking out my YouTube channel the other day. I looked at how many video views and subscribers I had. My wonderful and supportive wife was close by. “Hey Rach, I have over 12 million views and 22,049 subscribers to my YouTube channel.” I said.   She looked unimpressed. So I added: “I’m kind of a big deal.” I detected a slight eye roll and she asked if I had taken out the garbage yet. Can you imagine living with a celebrity (okay, a minor one, but still) and asking him to take out the garbage? I bet Brad Pitt… Read the rest

What Age Should I Start Training My Dog?

What Age Should I Start Training My Dog? Here is a common question I get: “Eric, what age can I start training my pup? I’ve heard so much different advice. Six months, one year, I don’t know who to listen to. Please help.” Instead of answering the question myself. I am going let Ben from Norway answer with an email he wrote to me; “Hello Eric, I have read your articles and watched your videos since I started training my Rufus. I thought perhaps you might like to see what you’re advice has done. The video was done when he… Read the rest

We Need More Beer!

History lesson: The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock because: They came to America seeking religious freedom. The Mayflower sprung a leak and they needed to repair. They needed more beer. Everyone that choose c. as the correct answer can go to the front of the room and collect your gold star because you are correct. Funny how a religious group landed on Plymouth Rock because they needed to do what we call here in Massachusetts, a “Packy Run” (which is short for package store, which is what liquor stores are called in this state). I know it’s all confusing but… Read the rest

Bloody Warrior Provides Puppy Training Tips

There was once a warrior on the verge of conquering the world. He had an army of half a million men that made Europe tremble. This warrior had Rome in his sights and was threatening to go after it. Pillage and destruction followed this man wherever he went and he was ruthless. Then the night before he was to get married he died. Not in a sword fight, not at the end of a spear or arrow. He died from a nosebleed in his sleep. Attila the Hun suffered from chronic nosebleeds. He got drunk, passed out and choked on… Read the rest

Would You Give Your Kid Veal For A Christmas Present?

One of my favorite Christmas movies is “Scrooged” with Bill Murray. It’s a fairly dark, updated version of The Christmas Carol, but no where near as dark as Bad Santa, which I recommend only watching when the kids are sleeping over the grandparent’s house. The ghost of Christmas past brings the main character, Bill Murray, back to his childhood home on Christmas Eve and shows his father giving him veal for a present. When he whines that he wanted a choo choo train his father angrily states: “Well then go get a job and buy one.” Anyway, this got me… Read the rest

Why Your Dog Jumps, Bites, Barks At You – And How To STOP It

Did a little baby sitting yesterday. Maybe the right word is puppy sitting. Our neighbors, finding out that they were living next door to The Amazing Dog Training Man, decided to fast track their plans to get a puppy and brought the little guy home over the weekend. Smart move, I’d do the same thing if I lived next door to me. Anyway, they have a great advantage, not because they live next to me,but because the puppy has not yet developed behaviors that we humans deem unacceptable and in most cases – bad! And I am going to meet… Read the rest

Breaking Bad Attitudes

Had a little chat with the missus the other day. She never watched any of the Breaking Bad series and didn’t want to. I sat her down and said: “Sweetie, let’s just watch the first episode. If you don’t like it we won’t watch it.” We are now watching the entire first season after little Scarlett goes to bed. In the last episode we watched, something interesting happened that made me think of something from years ago. On the show a drug dealer told the main character, Walter White, that he should not be a drug dealer, that he doesn’t… Read the rest

How To Teach Your Dog To LOVE The Crate

Crates are one of the best management tools a dog owner can use. For new puppies, a crate is crucial. As a former animal control officer, I have seen puppies get sick or injured because they were allowed too much freedom. The trick to teaching a dog or puppy to love their crate is to build desire. Using force or bribes will only backfire on you. Steps 1. The first step is to think a little like your dog. Your dog does not want to go into the crate because he does not want his freedom taken away. Given a… Read the rest

Puppy Training For Westport MA Dog Owner

I was doing puppy training with a Westport, MA dog owner when I thought of one of my favorite movies. One of my favorite quotes from the movie, “Ron Burgundy Anchorman.” Ron is talking to his friend about a cologne that will make him irresistible to the ladies. “Banned in nine countries for its sexual potency, Sex Panther cologne is known to make you an irresistible object of interest to the ladies. Made with bits of real panther. They’ve done studies, you know. 60 percent of the time, it works every time.” Stupid, but as they say here in Westport,… Read the rest
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